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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to live in Enschede, Nijmegen or Delft (or be from the area) to participate?

No. Especially this year, when the challenge is all-virtual, it does not matter where you participate from – we are happy to see you! Keep in mind that communicating with people from your home region might be easier.

Do I need to be able to write code?

No. Space Apps Challenge provides multidisciplinary challenges for teams and participants of all disciplines.


Do I need a team before registration?

No. If you do not already have a team you will get an opportunity to find one during the team matching phase, which will start 1 week before the hackathon.


How many people can be part of our team?

Though there is no required minimum, it is recommended that teams are about 4-5 people large. The maximum size for a team is 5 people.

Why is the challenge all-virtual?

This year, all locations are not allowed to host a physical event due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We will do our best to provide all the participants with tools that will help them stay in touch and work together virtually.

My team is from the same social bubble. Can we still meet in person to work on the challenge?

We ask that all participants follow the guidelines of the RIVM or the health ministry of the county you currently reside in.

Is registration/participation free of charge?

Yes, registration is completely free.